Helper of Christians and Queen of Heaven

Helper of Christians


Mary as the mother of Christ was regarded as the most important saint. It was the early church that started to worship her as Mother of God and as preparing the way for Christ. As the helper of Christians she enjoyed great admiration. People looked to her for protection from the multiple perils of their time. From epidemics, famine and war before which they were defenceless. The worship of the Mother of God knew no social rank. Whether clergy, knights or burghers, all found comfort in the Lady of the Mantle.


Enthroned Madonna with Child

Salzburg sculptor (?), c. 1420


Votive Panel from St Lambrecht

Master of the St Lambrecht Votive Panel, c. 1430


Virgin of Mercy

Styrian scupltor, c. 1430


Queen of Heaven


In France lay the origin and flowering of the Gothic style that disseminated all over Europe. It was from here, too, that the culture of courtly minnesang created a new concept of woman. It evoked the ideal of grace and beauty, both at one and the same time symbols of purity and completion. The cult of the Virgin Mary was deeply influenced by this. As the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God was transformed into a noble lady - Notre Dame. Unlike hardly any other carving, the Admont Madonna exemplifies this ideal. In her earthly beauty and celestial regality come together in perfect harmony.


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