The ‘Location Nature’ Series: Climate Change and Styria 2020


Curated by: Michael Pinter und Markus Rieser

Its consequences can already be felt and are uncontested in scientific literature – the talk is of climate change.

As part of the series ‘Location Nature’ the Natural History Museum takes up this theme. Jointly with experts from important research institutions, as well as the City of Graz and the Province of Styria, light will be cast on this global development, particularly in respect of implications for Graz and Styria.

The Natural History Museum thus becomes a place for information – for exchanging and explaining. Questions from the wider population are also answered here. What can we expect in future and how can chances open up for acting in time?


Schauplatz Natur,

‘Location Nature’ Series

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08.03.2020 > Naturkundemuseum

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