‘Location Nature’ Series: Who’s Next?

08.03.2020 10:00-16:00

Curated by: Michael Pinter

The Natural History Museum and the protection of species: a link that, since 2018 as part of the Citizen Science Projects, has increasingly been cemented outside of the museum.

On the occasion of the World Wildlife Day on March 3, the National History Museum, together with partners, will highlight one particular endangered species. It demonstrates how a creature lands on the Red List of Threatened Species, and pro-actively takes steps in the right direction. Species on the Red List don’t just exit the list on the wrong side in distant lands; in Austria, too, this happens – in our own backyard. 

For 2020, the team for nature education, together with the scientists in the department of natural history, have chosen the native bat species. Let’s all support these species and offer them a habitat. Let’s all move in the right direction – every single one of us can make a contribution!

Schauplatz Natur,

‘Location Nature’ Series

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