Location overview Joanneumsviertel

1 Neue Galerie Graz 2 BRUSEUM 3 Natural History Museum 4 Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek A Entrance B Level entrance with disabled access C Info und Shop  D Library Neue Galerie Graz E Café F Auditorium G Lesliehof 

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1 Neue Galerie Graz 2 BRUSEUM 3a Natural History Museum 3b CoSA - Center of Science Activities 4 Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek A Entrance B Level entrance with disabled access C Info and Shop  D Library Neue Galerie Graz E Café F Auditorium G Lesliehof


Historical entrance open!

For the exhibition A War in the Distance of steirischer herbst '22 at Neue Galerie Graz, the historic museum entrance at Neutorgasse 45 has been opened.


3a) Natural History Museum

Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

On 2013, a completely redesigned Natural History Museum with a greatly enlarged exhibition space opened in the Joanneum Quarter. It houses fascinating exhibitions by all the natural sciences departments of the Joanneum Universal Museum: Botany, Geology & Palaeonthology, Mineralogy and Zoology.


Visit our lectures, courses and lessons at Studienzentrum Naturkunde!


Centre of Natural History, Weinzöttlstraße 16

Please make an appointment!

The newly designed Centre of Natural History provides both care of the collections and research in keeping with contemporary demands. At this centre you may contact Joanneum scientists personally to ask for expert advice, and you may attend at lectures, courses and seminars.


More points of interest

1) Neue Galerie Graz

Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

The collection of the Neue Galerie Graz spans a fascinating range from the 19th century to international contemporary art.



Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

A permanent exhibition will now be dedicated to Brus following reconstruction work at the Neue Galerie.



3b) CoSA - Center of Science Activities

Tues-Sun 10am-5pm

The CoSA – Center of Science Activities is a science centre dedicated primarily to natural sciences and technology, designed for young people of 12 and over. (Start 19.10.2019)

More points

A) Entrance
B) Barrier free entrance
C) Info (meeting point for guided tours)
D) Library of Neue Galerie Graz
E) Café OHO!
F) Auditorium (available for rent)
G) Lesliehof


Also visit

Tierwelt Herberstein, Gepard

Herberstein Animal World

Styrian State Animal Garden with 85 animal species from five continents. Great experiences for young and old!


This might interest you as well


Lois Weinberger

Wild Cage - Ruderalgarten, Sculpture at Joanneumsviertelplatz, 2013

02.07.2013-02.07.2030 > Art in Public Space

Permanent Installation more...


Michael Schuster

Prismenwender, Sculpture at Joanneumsviertelplatz, 2013

02.07.2013-02.07.2030 > Art in Public Space

Permanent Installation more...


Thomas Baumann, Michael Schuster, Lois Weinberger

Sculptures at Joanneumsviertelplatz, 2013

02.07.2013-02.07.2030 > Art in Public Space

Permanent Installation more...


Joseph Kosuth

Nicht im vorliegenden Sachverhalt

20.03.2015-20.03.2030 > Art in Public Space

For his work in the Lesliehof, Joseph Kosuth connects light with a reference to the starry sky. The quote is from Johannes Kepler. more...

Building history Joanneum Quarter

The history of the museum building at Raubergasse 10 dates back to the 15th century. In the run-up to the 200th anniversary of the Universalmuseum Joanneum, the Joanneum Quarter was converted in accordance with the architectural designs of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos – eep architekten, Madrid/Graz.


Natural History Museum

8010 Graz, Österreich
T +43-316/8017-9100


Opening Hours

Tue-Sun, public holidays 10am - 6pm

Guided tours
Please visit our calendar.
Guided tours on advance notice.

Centre of Natural History
Weinzöttlstraße 16
8045 Graz, Österreich
T +43-316/8017-9000
Appointment upon request

Café OHO!
Tues-Sat 10am-12pm


26th December 2022

24th/25th December 2022