The Earth's Thin Skin

Our Soil


Opening: 03.10.2019, 7pm
Curated by: Ursula Stockinger

About the exhibition

The international touring exhibition The Earth’s Thin Skin – Our Soil from Museum Görlitz (Senckenberg, Germany) helps visitors understand the fascinating diversity of life in soil, and its functions. An abundance of organisms inhabits the ‘earth’s thin skin’: worms, mites, springtails, and countless other animals which, together with bacteria and fungi, ensure fertile soil. Their activity forms the basis for plant growth and thus for the usage of soil by humans.

The exhibition presents the great range of soil inhabitants, their way of life and function in the nutrient cycle. Moreover, visitors receive information about how our soil comes into existence, its variety, and the threats it faces. They also learn how soil can be protected and utilised in a sustainable way.



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