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‘Ready?’ ‘Go!’

The History of Sport and Technology



An exhibition of the TECHNOSEUM Mannheim
Adapted and realised by FRida & freD – Das Grazer Kindermuseum.
The exhibition is on show as part of LET´S GO GRAZ 2021, the Year of Sports of the City of Graz, in cooperation with the CoSA – Center of Science Activities.

About the exhibition

The cult of the body, record hunting and wellness oasis: an exhibition located in the zone of tension between sport, culture and technology.

Whether a stop watch, finishing line photography or fitness tracker, sport as we know it is a product of our technology-driven world. It evolved in the 19th century, when physical contests were subject to tighter norms, sports equipment was designed in a more sophisticated way in terms of form and material, and achievements were analysed and measured more precisely. Sport today is part of everyday life – for example, the sneaker turning from a sports shoe into a fashion accessory, sports events being marked by an extensive fan culture with songs and rituals, or doping scandals triggering heated discussion of the body’s limits in terms of self-optimisation.

It is to these interrelations between sport, culture and technology that the major special exhibition Ready? Go! The History of Sport and Technology is devoted, an exhibition from the TECHNOSEUM in Mannheim, which has been adapted by the FRida & freD – Das Grazer Kindermuseum for Styria, and which is now on show in the CoSA – Center of Science Activities and in the Visitors’ Centre at the Joanneumsviertel from March 3rd to November 21st 2021. It was made possible by the LET´S GO GRAZ 2021, the Year of Sports of the City of Graz, which aims to motivate citizens of the city to take exercise from March 1st onwards.

In six areas such as ‘Sport Conquers the World’ or ‘Trend Sports and Sports Trends’, the exhibition presents numerous historical objects as well as interactive stations. This ensures that, in keeping with the spirit of the Graz Year of Sport, not only are our brain cells challenged during the tour, but our circulation is stimulated, too.

Moreover, a fascinating side-programme is on offer in the CoSA DIY, where among other things you can learn to develop your own sports equipment, or where you can discover just how much high tech goes into some sporting goods.