A(R)dventure 3: Habitat Red 6

Support H.I.G.G.S. in completing the Habitat research project! What insights will you gain on the complex ecosystem of Earth? How difficult is it to create suitable living conditions outside of our atmosphere?

(Languages: German only)

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You can choose between three rooms, each of which will take you to a different adventure: a Mayan temple ("The Temple of Rain"), an Arctic research vessel ("Aurora Borealis"), or a habitat ("Habitat Red 6"). In all three spaces, you move between the real and the virtual world. Work with the AR robot H.I.G.G.S. (Hyper Intelligent Guiding Gadget System) to solve tricky tasks and learn bit by bit about the causes and effects of climate change.

PLEASE NOTE: CoSA Extra Tickets* (€ 5) and dates for an A(R)dventure must be booked in advance online or paid for at the ticket office BEFORE attending!

Languages: German ("Temple of Rain", "Aurora Borealis" and "Habitat Red 6”), English ("Temple of Rain”)

What else do you need to know?

A(R)dventure is bookable for visitors over 12 years old.
Reserve your AR time slot and check out additional information on the schedule!

Tel.: +43-316/8017-9100
Booking: In person at the ticket office in the Joanneumsviertel museum
Cost: CoSA Extra Ticket € 5 /Timeslot (excl. entrance fee)
Duration: approx. 45 minutes (including issue and return of the headset)
Make sure to arrive at ticket office in the Joanneumsviertel about 10 minutes before the start of your time slot! For logistical reasons, the ticket expires at the beginning of the timeslot.

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