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Koki Tanaka. Provisional Studies (Working Title)


Haegue Yang. VIP’s Union



Opening: 22.06.2017, 7pm
Curated by Barbara Steiner
Kunsthaus Graz, Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz
Information: +43-316/8017-9200



Initial image material together with information about both exhibitions can be found under the following links: Koki Tanaka and Haegue Yang

From 23rd June 2017, Kunsthaus Graz presents two new exhibitions curated by Barbara Steiner, featuring internationally renowned artists Koki Tanaka and Haegue Yang.

Koki Tanaka. Provisional Studies (Working Title)

Can five people jointly compose a sound track and play it together on one piano? Can seven people write a protest song together? The Japanese artist Koki Tanaka creates situations— you could call them ‘experimental set-ups’—that invite people to attempt seemingly impossible tasks. His works continually revolve around the question: what can we achieve together, and how?


In Provisional Studies (Working Title), Tanaka’s first solo exhibition in Austria, the Kunsthaus Graz is showing projects that revolve around collectivity and the potential for joint action, including a new film work whose starting-point is the protest against the Zwentendorf nuclear power station becoming operational in the late 1970s. Tanaka’s interest is also very much to do with the major earthquake and Fukushima disaster of 2011, as well as the resulting collective actions that took place in Japan, including silent protests, against nuclear power. Tanaka’s projects have a common thread: participants have to be open to exchange, develop a sense of community and creativity and at the same time explore new rules of negotiation and collaboration. Apart from his interest in collective forms of protest, Koki Tanaka’s focus lies on recollection, the identity-building function of shared events burned into the memory and their updating for the present day.

Koki Tanaka in der Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Graz,

Opening announcement in Tulln on June 12, 1977, immediately before the walk towards Zwentendorf, photographed by Friedrich Witzany, courtesy of Sigrid Schönfelder, Photo: Koki Tanaka

Haegue Yang. VIP's Union

For VIP’s Union, the Korean artist Haegue Yang has asked “very important persons” – VIPs – from Graz and Styria to loan a chair or table of their choice. These are people who are important for the Kunsthaus Graz, since they have a close relationship to the institution in very different ways. In this way a collective portrait of the Kunsthaus emerges, blended from many individual elements. As an expression, each item is different and the loan is based on the generosity of those involved.


Arranged by the artist, the presentation of VIP’s Union will consist of two phases. Firstly – from June 22nd 2017 – the furniture will be on show throughout the building. In the second phase, from February 8th to April 2nd 2018, an exhibition in Space02 and a publication will conclude the project. VIP’s Union in Graz is connected with earlier presentations from this series, realised in Berlin, Bristol, Antwerp, Bonn and Seoul. It is also the portrait of a cultural landscape of each place, both abstract and yet also very concrete, since it reveals a range of tastes and ideas about “very important persons”, and maps their connection with each of the cultural institutions as a potential community.

Haegue Yang, "VIP's Union", Graz, 2017,

Haegue Yang, "VIP's Union", Graz, 2017, Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner