Fabricators of the World. Scenarios of Self-will

as part of the Regionale 10 festival of Styrian culture

Opening: 03.06.2010
Curated by: Adam Budak

as part of the Regionale 10 festival of Styrian culture.
Project management: Katia Schurl
Head of cultural-scientific team: Elke Murlasits

Life and labor as well as the passion that articulates them are the focus of this exhibition. Here, like through the lens of a magnifying glass, the human condition is portrayed and expressed as the performance of an emancipated and autonomous self. Self-will appears as a mental and physical mechanism that shapes and conditions the identity of a social and cultural microcosm. We are in the vague space of in-between where the small and the intimate, the personal and the exclusive challenge the inevitable global and cosmopolitan quality of contemporary society. Self-will is the troublesome territory where togetherness and the sense of belonging struggle with the stubbornness of singularity and a self-centered universe, there where the communal desire meets the manifestation of individual belief and truth. What is the matrix of such a belief, what is the outline of such an attitude, what are the historical perspective and contemporary condition of such a locality, how is local knowledge being produced?


These and similar questions are treated by international artists who in various approaches have developed six projects to local themes. Accompanied by a team of cultural studies scholars, who have translated the project contents for participation purposes, the artists invite the general public to actively take part and share in the projects.


Pawel Althamer (PL) with students of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AT), Franz Kapfer (AT), L/B (CH), Christian Philipp Müller (CH), Maria Papadimitriou (GR), Katerina Šedá (CZ)


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