Schloss Trautenfels

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The desire to portray the natural and cultural history of the region comprehensively, encouraged the development of the museum in Trautenfels Castle for the Styrian Ennstal and Salzkammergut in the 1950s. After a general renovation in order to get ready for the country exhibition of 1992 the countryside museum has been remodelled in a completely new style. The castle itself is now displayed in all its splendour; modern architectural elements aim to surprise the visitor amidst the historical building. Besides the magnificent marble hall and an impressive vaulted room with recently discovered frescos dating from the 16th century, 12 rooms with different themes from the natural and cultural history of the region await the visitor.

The Exhibition

Forest and wood 
This room refers to the importance of the forest. It tells of the work of the lumberjacks and shows the variety of wooden objects used and which were handmade by the farming community. 

Between the mountains and valleys
This room deals with the natural landscape of the Enns valley. The main topic is the layered model of the district of Liezen.

In the room of Treasures of the Mountains you can see a selection of ores, salt and minerals and historic utensils of mine workers, which bear witness to the hard labour inside a mine.

The room of Dwellings portrays different living spaces and folklore attempts to achieve supernatural protection for them. The Life of Alpine pasturesdeals with the unique farming on the alpine pastures of the district of Liezen.

The hunting room of the lord of the castle impresses the visitor with elaborate furniture, many sets of antlers and its unique inlay work made of antlers. Even everyday objects such as candle holders, dishes and a wick-cutter were covered with fine plates made from antlers.

Thomas Ender, Trautenfels with Grimming, watercolour/paper, around 1830


The history of Schloss Trautenfels from the beginnings in the Middle Ages till the 21st century.


Schloss Trautenfels

Trautenfels 1
8951 Stainach-Pürgg, Österreich
T +43-3682/222 33


Opening Hours

1 April to 31 October 2023:
Daily 10am - 5pm