Building history Schloss Trautenfels

This striking structure with its remarkable fortified bastions towers over a valley at a spot where a castle with the name of Neuhaus was first mentioned in 1261. The castle of the local sovereign came into the possession of the bishopric of Salzburg in the 13th century, at the end of which the castle was conquered and destroyed in military conflicts between the archbishop and the sovereign prince of Styria. After it was rebuilt, Neuhaus once again attained greater significance under the Hoffmann family. The castle became a centre of the new faith during the Reformation, as evidenced by the remains of the nearby Protestant church, destroyed in 1599, the foundation walls of which were uncovered and reconstructed in 1991/1992.


In 1664 the Governor of Styria, Count Siegmund Friedrich von Trauttmansdorff, acquired the building, had it redesigned in the style of the Baroque period and called it Trautenfels. After a frequent exchange of ownership, Count Josef Lamberg purchased the Schloss in 1878. Thanks to the dowry of his wife, Anna Werndl, and with his own wealth it became possible to restore the building, which found itself in a relatively dilapidated condition at the time, to a state which was fit to live in. After the death of the Count the estate came under the management of his wife Anna. Financial difficulties forced her to sell the Schloss to the Deutsche Reichspost in 1941. Plans to build a recreational or a Post Congress centre never came to fruition due to the way the war was turning. The Republic of Austria acquired the property and sold it off in 1959 to the Styrian Association of Youth Hostels. Schloss Trautenfels has been owned by the municipality of Pürgg-Trautenfels since 1983.


In the 1950s a regional museum was set up for the Styrian Ennstal and Ausseerland as a department of the Joanneum.



The youth hostel and the agricultural and forestry vocational school which had occupied some of the rooms since 1969 were closed down because of structural defects in autumn 1982. In 1998, after the Schloss was renovated – which took from 1983 right up to the Styrian Exhibition of 1992, the Landscape Museum presented itself to the world in a completely new guise. 2009 and 2010 witnessed the comprehensive remediation of the bastion wall based on the self-supporting ground anchoring system, the redesign of the Schloss courtyard and the installation of atmospheric outdoor lighting. Today, Schloss Trautenfels presents itself to thousands of visitors as an architectural jewel and cultural hub for the central Ennstal.

Schloss Trautenfels

Trautenfels 1
8951 Stainach-Pürgg, Österreich
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Opening Hours
13. April 2019 to 31. October 2019 Mon-Sun, public holidays 10am - 5pm