About Rosegger´s Birthplace Alpl

Peter Rosegger remains one of Austria’s most popular poets. He was born the eldest of seven children in this simple 18th-century Alpine farmhouse on 31 July 1843. Living conditions were modest, to say the least: the cooking was done over a hearth in the scullery (a kind of smoke room which served as a kitchen) while the central room was used for eating and sleeping—and as a work room, too. Here, visitors can observe numerous furnishings and fixtures which testify to simple rural life in the 19th century.


Even today, the only way to get to Rosegger’s birthplace is on foot: after a half-hour walk through the Alpl woodland, a path eventually leads up to an ensemble of buildings consisting of a home, outhouses, a barn, a rural storehouse and a dried flaxen hut.


Rosegger’s texts often draw on memories of his childhood on the Alpl; in time he coined the notion of ‘Waldheimat’ (‘forest home’) for this magical place. His birthplace was also where he took his first tentative steps towards becoming a writer, an endeavour which later grew into an extensive body of literary works.

Rosegger’s Birthplace, Alpl

Alpl 42
8671 Alpl, Österreich
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