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Photo: UMJ/KH. Wirnsberger

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Peter Rosegger spent autumn and winter in Graz, yet in the summer months from 1877 onwards he quenched his yearning for his rural upbringing in this country home. In Rosegger’s former retreat, everyday objects belonging to the author offer interesting insights into his life – also going beyond romantic clichés, for example, as in the exhibition. Whom does the Großglockner belong to? The rooms in which the author worked and died have remained intact since his death in 1918, allowing authentic glimpses into Rosegger’s private lifestyle.


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Rosegger-Museum Krieglach,
Rosegger-Museum Krieglach,

Photo: UMJ/KH. Wirnsberger

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Rosegger-Museum Krieglach, Study,
Rosegger-Museum Krieglach, Study,

Photo: UMJ/KH. Wirnsberger

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