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Rosegger's Birthplace Alpl
Permanent Collection

1) Rosegger`s Birthplace Alpl

Childhood home of a poet

Rosegger-Geburtshaus, Alpl

In his texts, the folk poet Peter Rosegger often took inspiration from childhood memories on the Alpl. His birthplace reminds us today of the simple lifestyle at that time. more...

Collage von Peter Roseggers Geburtshaus Kluppeneggerhof am Alpl und Museum in Krieglach
Permanent Collection

2) Rosegger Museum Krieglach

Rosegger between conservation and progress

Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach

In Peter Rosegger’s former country home in Krieglach, the Styrian poet’s life and creative periods are traced. more...

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A) Waldschule Alpl

In 1902, Peter Rosegger launched a donation campaign to found the Waldschule in Alpl and to counteract the rural exodus. In 1975, the school was discontinued. After the renovation of the building, it has been run since 1982 as a school museum, in which the school room and the "Roseggerzimmer" can be visited in their original state.

B) Rosegger exhibit in St. Kathrein am Hauenstein

The Church of St. Kathrein was the nearest church to Kluppeneggerhof and part of Peter Rosegger's numerous childhood memories.

C) Rosegger's tomb

Peter Rosegger's tomb is located in the cemetery in Krieglach. His wish was: "I want a simple grave, like every farmer from Alpl. A wooden cross with the name on it. If, after fifty years, you still know who that is, that is enough; if not, then leave me in peace. "

D) Rosegger park & memorial

In 1937, the "Roseggerbund Waldheimat" and the market town of Krieglach built this park with the sculpture "When I was still a Waldbauernbub ..." by the artist Paul Kassecker. The park was completely refurbished in 2007-2008 and offers quiet seating and a children's playground.

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Peter Rosegger Birthplace & Museum

Geburtshaus, Alpl 42, 8671 Alpl
& Museum, Roseggerstraße 44, 8670 Krieglach, Österreich
T +43-3855/2375


Opening Hours

April to October
Tue-Sun, public holidays 10 - 17 Uhr