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After 1754, both of the large princely suites dating from the 17th century were reworked in accordance with the rather more modest ideas of the last Princess Eggenberg, Maria Eleonora and her husband, Johann Leopold Count Herberstein. Whilst Herberstein, who was also a Styrian provincial governor, lived at his main residence within the family’s City Palais at Sackstrasse 16, Graz, the now out-dated princely Residence remained the domain of his wife.  At the time of the Residence’s refurbishment, the princess, facetiously known as the “Old Fairy”, was already advanced in years. The building would now have to be reappointed in line with her requirements.


Aside from the couple’s private rooms and bedchambers to the rear of the Residence, two public suites were again created: the State Apartments to the south side and the Semi-State Apartments to the north. It was in the latter apartments that soirées were held, with guests enjoying playing at the numerous games tables set up in the rooms.


The State Apartments on the south side of the Residence, a series of seven interconnecting State Rooms, decorated with red silk damask and matching white-gilt seating. Two fashionable Far Eastern side rooms were added to enhance this sequence of apartments.


The Semi-State Apartments on the poorly-lit north side of the building were primarily used for evening parties. Over 30 games tables were set up here in the 18th century.

When required, the State Rooms could also be used to accommodate special guests. Only one bed now remains in one of the original three available bedchambers. On the occasion of a visit by the Imperial court in 1765, the State Bedchamber served probably the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I Stephan or his wife, Empress Maria Theresa.

This small room, lined in yellow damask, on the west side of the Residence served as a bedchamber for the new head of the household, Leopold Count Herberstein, who also had this room at the corner of the palace appointed as his private salon, with a picture gallery, a fortepiano and a billiards table. The bed that belonged in this room was destroyed in 1945.

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