Science & building research

In its function as a museum, the Austrian Open Air Museum fulfills the following tasks: collecting, preserving, documenting and communicating.

The European ethnology and history, as well as numerous insights from the sciences of architecture, restoration, agricultural science, botany, etc., flow into the tasks and workplaces of the open-air museum.

The opern air museum tries to allow as many insights from the various research areas as possible into the scientific work through cooperation and information exchange.

Building research and everyday research

The European ethnology distinguishes between the following areas:

Building research focuses on research into the construction methods and styles, ie the architectural landscapes of the different regions in Austria.

Everyday research is concerned with the research, documentation and mediation of life, everyday life, festive culture, customs and the work of the peasant population of the past.


Mag. Michaela Steinböck Köhler
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Admission until 4pm