Barn-and-byre Flauring


Built: 1994 (reconstruction from the 18th century)

The original barn-and-byre is a listed building and could therefore not be moved to the museum. Since new barn-and-byres of this type are still constructed in Tyrol, and because the museum needed a large exhibition hall, it was felt that the construction of a replica building was justified. The original building accommodated a byre on the lower level and a barn and threshing floor on the upper level.

The barn-and-byre is a timber frame construction.The vertical and horizontal members are fixed together by angle braces with mortise-and-tenon joints held by wooden dowels and form the frame of the upper storey. The building is fitted with timber cladding and has St Andrew’s crosses extending from the plinth to the eaves plate which provide the necessary stability. On the gable side the protruding purlins are supported by different types of bracing, upright posts, St Andrew’s crosses and cross brackets. The cladding boards on the gable wall bear intricately carved decorations, without losing any of their functionality or the essence of timber as a building material. The building beautifully marries functional efficacy with decorative design. The low-pitched purlin roof is covered with wooden shingles.

The building now houses an exhibition of rural vehicles and farming implements.


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