School with school museum from Prätis near Pöllau


Built: 1750
Year of translocation: 1976

Originally, this school was a so-called “Haarstube“ or ”flax-room”. After Empress Maria Theresia’s ”General School Reform“, this room was used in the year 1799 for the first time as a school room. During the winter months, 50 – 70 pupils were educated. This old school was in use until 1880 when it was then transformed, according to the “Reichsvolksschulgesetz“ (primary school law) of 1869, from an originally so-called “trivial school“ (basic school) into a ”one-class primary school“. After the opening of a new school building, the old flax-breaking room was redesigned to become a so-called “Söldner” or “Austragshäusl“ and through the enlarged windows and the extension of the gable, it acquired the character of a dwelling house.

In the part of the building for farming, a small school museum has been set up which has been providing insight into the development of the basic “trivial” and the primary school. The origins and development of the Prätis school have been detailed in the School Chronicle.

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