Sallegger Moar farmstead, Sallegg near Birkfeld


Built: 1409 / 1775
Year of translocation: 1963

The history of the Sallegger Moar farmstead dates back to the year 1409. In 1775 the farmhouse was rebuilt and essentially remained unaltered until 1950.The farmhouse is built of log construction; the lower courses have notched joints with protruding ends, the upper courses have dovetailed joints. The service rooms and the cellar of the house as well as the barn and byre are built of uncoursed rubble.

The main room of the farmhouse is the kitchen which was the centre of family life. Here the family cooked, ate and passed their time indoors. The furniture includes a large dining table around which the family gathered at meal times, a bed and a cot. Below the wall-mounted benches were cages for chickens.

There are a raised open hearth and a baking oven in which all the baking was done and which also provided much-needed source of heating in the winter. Above the hearth is a fire hood which collected the smoke and sparks. The smoke rises until it fills the hood, then it curls under the edges of the hood, filling the upper quarter of the room and escapes through a hatch above the door into a timber flue leading outside.

There is also a Kachlstübl which was heated by a tiled stove. This is where the parents slept. The room was also used as dower quarters. On the first floor above the Kachlstübl is a store room which is reached by way of an exterior staircase and several more bedrooms.

The house has a thatched cruck roof with four hipped gables.


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