Brunnerkeusche, St. Nikolai


Built: 1754
Year of translocation: 1976

This small notched log house was situated close to the Laarer-Hof and was used as an Ausgedingehäusl until 1975. An Ausgedingehaus was a small house which was provided for the old farmers when the next generation took over the farm. All the rooms can be accessed from the hallway which extends the entire width of the house from eave-to-eave. At the front gable end is a small kitchen with a raised open hearth and a parlour with a tiled stove which was stoked from the kitchen. Above the kitchen and the parlour is another parlour which is beautifully panelled with Swiss pine wood and has a massive tie beam the the year 1758 carved into it.

A carved gallery runs along the front and sides of the house. Such decorative carving was once common in the region. The roof is covered with shingles and strengthened by a special roof truss called a Schneestuhl to bear the weight of snow.


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