Wegleithof farmstead St Walburg in Ultental

South Tyrol

Built: 1516/1811
Year of translocation: 1964

The present building dates from 1811. It replaced an earlier farmhouse which was destroyed in a fire. In 1964 the building had to make way for a reservoir and was dismantled and re-erected in its original form at the museum. The cellar and the kitchen are made of stone, the other sections are built of square logs with notched joints; the ends of the timbers project slightly. All the rooms are entered from the central hallway which runs the whole length of the house.

The south-facing section of the house is occupied by the living room and a bed chamber; at the north-facing end of the house are a vaulted kitchen with a raised open hearth and smoke hood and a storage room.

The living room is heated by a tiled stove and is unusually ornate with so-called ‘ox blood’ painting around the walls and on both sides of the door. The bed chamber has a coffered ceiling and contains several exceptionally beautiful items of furniture including painted chests as well as a cradle which was used until very recently.

The kitchen has a vaulted ceiling and a raised hearth with a large cauldron suspended from a crane above the open fire. Below the ceiling is a wooden rack from which bacon and ham were hung for curing. Beside the hearth are two doors through which wood was inserted to heat the baking oven which was built against the exterior wall, and the stove in the living room. The smoke escaped through a shared central masonry chimney. The storage room contains a flour bin of 1884, a wooden rack on which the small bread loaves were stored, and a variety of vessels and other containers in which food was stored.The attic houses further bedrooms.

The building has half-timbered gables with simple bracing and a low-pitched purlin roof which is covered with straight-split shingles.


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