Barn from Flachgau


Built: reconstruction from the 19th Century

The barn from the region of Flachgau was reconstructed on the basis of plans of the “Reiterhausen” Hut from Eugendorf and corresponds to the classical form of a pillar construction with a purlin roof, so that it can encompass a maximum storage area with a minimum of materials used. Two doors both on the opposite ridge side correspond with the principle of the single-roof house barn with central barn floor like the neighbouring smokehouse from Siezenheim.

Thus, a vehicle could be driven directly in and through the barn, in order to rapidly protect the harvest from an approaching storm.

At the gable on the North side there is a hole that enabled access for the doves to fly towards to the dovecote behind. The house was constructed for special use and currently serves as a deposit for historical museum inventory.

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