Forge, Krakauhintermuehlen near Murau


Built: 18th century
Year of translocation: 1971

The building was used until 1966. It has masonry walls and a steep shingle-covered rafter roof. The forge has a massive hammer which is tripped by means of a cam wheel driven directly from the bigger of two breast-shot water wheels. Inside are the blacksmith’s forge, which is constructed of rubble, the bellows, and a variety of tongs and hammers. The smith produced all the tools and implements needed by farmers, including axes, cramp-ons and ploughs. The second waterwheel drives the grinding stone which was used to sharpen the axes. There is also a horse-shoeing area in which horses were shoed. In front of the smithy is a cottage garden with the kind of herbs that would typically have been grown by rural farmers.


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