Lime kiln


Built: 2018 (reconstruction from the 17th century)

This lime kiln constructed at the Austrian Open Air Museum consists of a round well made of slate from the “Gleinalm” alps. As a mortar they used clay and the back filling, too, is made of clay. Its diameter is 1.6 m and its height is 2.5 m. The rear sides are built towards the hill and thus it is well insulated. On its front side there is a revetment wall with the fire hole and behind there is the furnace of around 40 cm depth. For the filling, first they piled big limestones to form a vault and more limestones are placed, whereby the size of the stones diminishes upwards. At the edges, so-called wood pipes are mounted which account for the smoke flow. The upper cover consists of spruce brushwood and above it old fat lime. The edge is made of old roof tiles, and by shifting them the smoke flow and direction can be controlled. The whole oven is protected with a roof.

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