Berglerhaus, Neustift near Güssing


Built: 18th century
Year of translocation:  1966

This single-storey longhouse is from Neustift in southern Burgenland. It is one of the last of its type and gives valuable insight into the harsh economic and social conditions which prevailed in the region in the past. The farm is an elongated building with an eave-side entrance. 

The living quarters, which include a parlour, a kitchen and a bed-chamber, and are at one end of the building, the byre and barn at the other. The parlour and the bedroom contain some fine examples of furniture.

The building is constructed of logs, which are covered with a layer of plaster composed of clay and chopped chaff and a final coat of limewash. The building has a cruck roof and is straw-thatched. A wide overhang on the eave side provides shelter from the sun and the rain.
The entrance leads straight into the kitchen. There is a raised open hearth and behind it a baking oven. The stove in the parlour was also stoked from the kitchen and the smoke from all three fire-places escaped through a wooden flue.


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