The collections

Opened in 2013, the Natural History Museum in the Joanneumsviertel developed from each respective, originally independent presentation of the natural history collections of the Joanneum. Divided into an Earth-science and a biological section, the newly-designed permanent exhibition displays just a fraction of the extensive collection of natural history objects.

By far the largest part is made up of scientific specimes and is housed in the Centre of Natural History. There can also be found the workspace for scientists of the botany & mycology, geology and palaeontology, mineralogy and zoology collections, as well as the laboratories, workshops and a specialist library for natural history. 


Botany & Mycology

The documentation and study of the flora and vegetation, in particular of Styria, is the main task of the botanists at the Joanneum. The twin focuses lie on the groups of fern allies and  more...

Geology & Palaeontology

The historical collection features a wide range of subjects. The specialised library with historical books, numerous international magazine series, and an extensive collection of offprints  more...


The mineralogical collection developed on the basis of Archduke John’s private collection, that comprised several thousand exquisite specimens. Having grown to some 80,000 exhibits, today  more...


Since the Joanneum was founded, collecting activity, research and education have been among the main tasks of the staff of the Zoological Collection. These days the focus is on researching  more...

Natural History Museum

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Centre of Natural History
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