M.Sc. Frank Gitter


M.Sc. Frank Gitter

B.Sc „Geowissenschaften“ at the Technical University of Munich (2004-2007)
M.Sc „Geologische Wissenschaften“ at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (2007- 2009)
Since Dezember 2009: PhD-Project at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz in cooperation with the Universalmuseum Joanneum

Evolutionary patterns and phyolgenetic reconstruction of Cyprideis species (ostracods) in Palaeo-ancient lakes

Scientific interests
Micropalaeontology (Neogen ostracods and otoliths), palaeogeography and palaeoecology of non-marine habitats (Miocene)

Publication list



Altenbach, A. V., Böhmer, C., Gitter, F., Läuchli, B., Wieczorek, H.-L. (in press) Symbiotic foraminifera and stress. In: Seckbach, J. & Grube, M. (Eds.) Symbiosis and Stress in Biology. C.O.L.E. Series, Springer, Berlin, New York, 14: 9 pages.


Altermann, W., Böhmer, C., Gitter, F., Heimann, F., Heller, I., Läuchli, B. and Putz, C.; Defining biominerals and organominerals: Direct and indirect indicators of life. Perry et al., Sedimentary Geology, 201, 157–179 – Sedimentary Geology (2009), 213, 150-151

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