On second thought

Curatorial reconsiderations of collections


Workshop in cooperation with the Historical Museum Frankfurt 

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Museums primarily define themselves through their collections. The public is often told that one of the reasons for the expensive conversation of such collections is that the viewing of art works, for instance, is a joy and a pleasure, or that new knowledge can continually be gained from collections, which, when presented in the form of exhibitions, promises the public new potential insights. However, the things stored in museum depots often reflect both subjective as well as expert collecting criteria and do not always seem to represent the interests of people today. Focusing specifically on collections such as these, we would like to explore the ways in which existing collections can be dealt with today on the conceptual level – with imagination and reason as well as skill and dexterity. What happens when researchers, mediators, artists etc. work on presenting collections in a new way? What methods of investigation are generalisable, and what perspectives, approaches, and strategies of dealing with collections might be worthwhile for both the cultural as well as natural sciences? We will go on a fact-finding mission based on the practices of selected museums in Frankfurt.



Conception and design
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen Museum Academy Joanneum, Graz (AT)
Angela Janelli Historical Museum Frankfurt (DE)






Frankfurt am Main (DE)


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