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In the course of its history, Istanbul has been the centre of power of three empires and is today a cosmopolitan city on two continents with around 13 million inhabitants and more than 50 museums. On account of its historical significance and location, Istanbul has been shaped by two cultural spheres, which overlap and mix in the structure, appearance, and everyday life of the city. Starting from Orhan Pamuk’s texts on the history and society of his homeland, we would like to ask where and how Istanbul’s past can be seen in the city between and with its various cultural influences. Where do Orient and Occident meet in monuments and religious buildings? What histories of the city do the museums tell? Are there any indications of new interpretations of historical events or reinterpretations of events based on political developments? How relevant is history for the inhabitants of Istanbul as a factor of identity formation? And finally, how do contemporary artists and cultural professionals use the past as a source for their work and as a potential for cultural urban development?


Conception and design
Helmut Eberhart Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Graz (AT),
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen Museum Academy Joanneum, Graz (AT),
Sophie Koller Museum Academy Joanneum, Graz (AT)





Istanbul (TR)


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