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Thanks to Switzerland’s cantonal structure, there is a great museum every couple of kilometres. We would love to visit them all, but since this isn’t possible on a three-day trip, we have selected a number of interesting museums covering a wide range of types, sizes and sponsors, which 1) should offer an insight into their rich history of collecting and presentation and 2) allow us to get a vivid picture of the ever changing world of Swiss museums, particularly in terms of architectural styles and expansion projects, (new) focuses and design concepts , the relation between tradition and innovation as well as art and science, (permanent) exhibitions, and mediation and organisational development. The itinerary includes the following museums: Swiss Alpine Museum, Entlebucherhaus, Luzern Glacier Garden, Museum of Cultures, Museum of Communication Bern, Museum of Life Stories, Natural History Museum of Bern, Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel, and Swiss National Museum in Zurich.


Conception and design
Beat Gugger Exhibition Curator, Burgdorf (CH),
Christoph Pietrucha Museum Academy Joanneum, Graz (AT)





Zurich, Luzern, Bern, Basel, Schüpfheim, and Speicher (CH)

€ 250

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