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On the strategic development of regional museums


Round table in cooperation with the Association of Upper Austrian Museums

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A large part of the museums in the German-speaking world are regional and local museums. Many countries in Europe have strategy papers and plans for the best possible future development of these institutions. We would like to take the virtual lack of such plans in Austria as an opportunity to explore the question of what the cultural policy on regional museums such as these is like in Austria. What interests do the government and the responsible federal ministries pursue in funding these institutions? What positions do the provincial governments take on the regulation and further development of regional museums, and what plans and activities are there for these in the regions and communities? What are the needs of the sponsors of these museums or those people who make these museums possible every day through their personal commitment? What can both the owners/sponsors of these museums as well as participating organisations learn from the experiences of other policy-makers, administrative authorities, or those actively involved in museums throughout Europe? What roles can or should museum associations play in this? We would like to invite you to join us for a round table discussion on these topics.


Conception and design
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen Museum Academy Joanneum, Graz (AT),
Monika Sommer schnittpunkt. exhibition theory & practice, Vienna (AT)




Linz (AT)

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