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Open data in cultural institutions


Conference in cooperation with the Wien Museum

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Open data refers to the free and unlimited access and use of data, with the goal of increasing transparency, (for example, in public institutions); facilitating networking; and inspiring new research. Based on specific projects and together with experts, we would like to discuss the consequences of this highly topical idea for both large and small museums. What do museums need in order to provide unlimited access to collections and research findings and, above all, what does this lead to? What speaks against everyone having access to publicly funded knowledge and what speaks for everyone being able to edit this knowledge or commercially distribute it (for instance, image data)? What are the consequences of waiving the copyrights on the museum’s holdings, making them public domain? What perhaps completely new ways does open data pave for communicating with visitors? What does this data mean for the institutional identity of museums as public institutions? And what possibly new or different social roles can museums play if they make a committed effort to open up? 


Conception and design
Felix Taschner Assistant to the Director, Wien Museum (A)
Christoph Pietrucha Scientific Employee, Museumsakademie Joanneum, Graz (A)





Vienna (A)


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