The history of displaying in museums

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The history of the museum is a history of displaying, arranging, and assembling objects and design elements in space for the purpose of mediation. Regardless of whether they are arranged as total works of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) that you can stroll through like the cabinets of curiosities, or spacious museum halls using labels to provide information on encyclopaedic collections; or whether they are realised as environments, or prepared according to didactic principles; or whether they are staged using atmospheric media, or designed for interaction – every form of presentation is an expression of its time: they reflect the current state of discussion on collections and social issues and cannot be separated from changing world views and systems of thought, from the history of science and the development of media, or from the image museum executives have of the institution and themselves.
Against this backdrop, we will embark on a 5-day expedition of Berlin’s museums together with experts from museums, universities, and media. We will analyse the architecture of the museums, compare selected permanent exhibitions with their underlying scientific and museological designs and concepts, and trace the interactions between presentation aesthetics, world views/systems of thought, collection development, and forms of mediation. We will focus specifically on including more recent museum and exhibition projects and those still in planning, which we will discuss in the context of current museological debates and international developments in the museum sector. 


Conception and design
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen Head of the Museumsakademie Joanneum, Graz (A)
Michael Fehr Director of the Institute for Art in Context, Berlin University of the Arts (D)







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