The de-professionalised museum

New participants, new audiences, new professions?


Workshop in cooperation with the Austrian Museum for Folk Life and Folk Art

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Bloggers are today’s critics, passers-by the new correspondents, and ambitious amateurs sought-after actors in professional theatres. Culture and the media are currently undergoing a process of transformation, which is redefining the traditional role of experts. After recent demands from all sides, the (celebrated) opening of the museum to include lay people in museum practice has challenged the traditional self-image of those who have historically been responsible for all aspects of the museum.
Our event is devoted to the fact that there has been little reflection so far on the consequences of this de-professionalization on museum practice, identity and structures, and therefore we would like to ask the following questions: How have the tasks of collecting and conserving been redefined in the near and medium term in light of a de-professionalisation of museum practice? Where are exhibiting and communication headed when artists are becoming curators, curators are becoming communicators, and communicators are becoming social workers? What tasks will be assigned to the public in the future, and is the museum still considered a place of historical and aesthetic expertise? And where do we see the experiences with this new museum practice leading to a re-professionalisation, in that new professions and job profiles are emerging? 



Conception and design
Stefan Krankenhagen Professor for Cultural Studies and Popular Culture, University of Hildesheim (D)
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen Head of the Museumsakademie Joanneum, Graz (A)






Vienna (A)


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