What Remains of the Mass Phenomenon of Photography?

Selection – Sorting – Acquisition





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The transition from analog to digital photography has not only fundamentally changed our everyday practices, it also presents institutions with a number of challenges. For some time now, extensive analog holdings like press archives or photographic estates have been turned over to public collections because they are obsolete in today’s image economy. More than ever, the question becomes what should be done with this massive physical legacy of the 19th and 20th centuries. What strategies need to be developed for the selection and evaluation of photos when it is increasingly becoming clear that we cannot preserve everything? At the same time, how much do we need to consider tomorrow when we ask what of today’s digital production should be retained for posterity? This workshop will deal with this dual challenge and discuss the criteria needed to rethink selection processes and the acquisition of photographs.





Organisers of the workshop

Nora Mathys, Photo Historian, Bern (CH)

Eva Tropper, Museumsakademie Joanneum, Graz (A)



Cologne (D)



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