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Analogue modes of perception in a digital age



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Understanding things as realia is a productive process. It assumes the ability to draw, on the basis of an examination of an object, the observation that one's own perception, interpretation and attribution is only one of many possibilities. Museums differ principally from media in that they can show things as realia rather than as mere images of things, regardless of how these images are produced. The displaying practices of recent years, however, have led to a situation in which objects are increasingly relegated to the role of being mere extras to a central narration. Moreover, an object's potential range of meaning has been radically restricted, and visitors, as viewers and observers, are left with no possibility of action, except to serve as the beholder of the object. On the basis of theoretical articles and an examination of selected exhibitions, the workshop will pursue the question of how much potential the showing of things has today and how it can be further developed by appropriately presenting objects.


An event as part of the Museum tomorrow series.





Conception and design

Michael Fehr, Managing Director of the Werkbundarchiv – Museum of Things, Berlin (D)

Werner Hanak-Lettner, Head Curator of the Jewish Museum Vienna (A)



Vienna (A)



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