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Strike the Right Note

Museums for Young People



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Changing Worlds

Globes and Maps in Exhibitions



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The Virtual and the Real

Accessing, Analysing and Displaying Cultural Assets



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Surveying Nature and Culture

Exhibiting the Local



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Colonial Trauma and Present-Day Europe



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Making history more contemporary

Learning history in the museum



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(National) History Museums in the 21st Century



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Racism in the Museum?

Raising Awareness for Non-Discriminatory Museum Work



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New ways of exhibiting mass-produced pictures

On working with historical pictures


Since the last third of the 19th century, pictures have been reproduced in ever more cost-effective ways and in greater volumes. more...

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Past Present Future


Johannesburg is the biggest city and the economic engine of the Republic of South Africa. Located 1,750 metres above sea level, it is a place of extremes and is perhaps in the process of major changes: more...

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City and city history in the museum


In Cologne, there are around fifty, in part, internationally important museums and museum-related institutions on almost every field of knowledge. more...

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Reshaping the landscape

The structural transformation of Salzburg‘s DomQuartier


In 2014, the “DomQuartier” (or Cathedral Quarter) was opened in Salzburg. Bringing together several museums, buildings and collections under one umbrella brand not only created a new tourist highlight, more...

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Tasked with reporting

Press and public relations work in museums


Short-staffed editorial offices and journalists under time and production pressure, the introduction of ever newer technological possibilities, and media consumption habits that have changed radically in just a few years: more...

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The forgotten 20th century

Collecting contemporary history


The history of the 20th and the early 21st centuries is underrepresented in Austria’s (cultural) history collections. more...

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Museums on the Internet

Dimensions of digital museum work in the WWW


The Internet presence of museums is no longer limited to publishing announcements and reports online. more...

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Politics of remembrance


The Warsaw Rising Museum and the POLIN, the new Katyń Museum or the planned Polish History Museum – Warsaw, like other Polish cities, has experienced a museum boom over the last decade or so. more...

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Past their prime?

Museums between realignment and renewal


Whether they are devoted to specific topics and events, famous individuals or social groups – museums have always been products of their times. more...

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Concentrated reality

The diorama


Dioramas were already in use in museums of nature, technology, history and ethnology in the 19th century. For museum experts, they were an opportunity to create the illusion of reality and to display the objects in context. more...

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A fleeting hold

Immaterial heritage and regional museums


The “preservation of immaterial cultural heritage” has risen to become a ubiquitous call today. The concept itself, however, not only refers to the documentation of language, knowledge or practices, but it also includes the increased value more...

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Showing presenting understanding

Analogue modes of perception in a digital age


Understanding things as realia is a productive process. It assumes the ability to draw, on the basis of an examination of an object, the observation that one's own perception, interpretation and attribution is only one of many possibilities more...

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Exhibiting knowledge

Communicating knowledge


Over the next few years, a “museum of knowledge” is to be established in Göttingen. The focus of the museum will be on the production of knowledge in its historical depth and current breadth on the basis of the more than 30 academic collections of the Georg August University more...

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Communicating architecture

Contemporary positions, methods, media


Architecture is a document of cultural and stylistic history, a hoard of knowledge on technical and economic history, and an advocate of regional knowledge networks and their transfer. Institutions such as museums, authorities for the protection of monuments and private initiatives are taking great efforts these days to preserve the cultural heritage more...

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Racing standstill

The museum is movement


Arranging and arresting: These activities have shaped the image of museums since their inception. Yet activities such as acquiring, collecting, combining and re-sorting have been no less central to the action behind museum walls more...

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Who does the city belong to?


While the world looks at Helsinki as a place of education, design and culture, the city is currently experiencing some huge upheavals. This excursion will consider Helsinki as a contested terrain in two senses: First, in terms of the continued existence of historico-political conflicts more...

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Heroes behind glass

On the future of single-individual museums


Musicians, artists and scientists, authors, rulers/politicians and revolutionaries: The places where the predominantly male geniuses and heroes lived and worked have been left as they were at the time, and all across the country they together with their legacy have been turned into museums more...

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Stages of the Enlightenment

Museums in Halle


In Halle-on-the-Saale, several centuries of the history of science and education have left their mark on an astonishing number of cultural institutions, among them, a baroque cabinet of curiosities, teaching collections and school gardens, archives, libraries and museums. more...

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Don’t lose the thread

On the future of textile museums and collections


A good number of European textile museums were established with a clear regional focus, and many of them specialise in individual aspects of historical textile production: more...

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The de-professionalised museum

New participants, new audiences, new professions?


Bloggers are today’s critics, passers-by the new correspondents, and ambitious amateurs sought-after actors in professional theatres. Culture and the media are currently undergoing a process more...

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Museum pieces and piece goods

A comparison of museum and commodity aesthetics


At the end of the 19th century, the department store and the museum were, in many respects, comparable institutions and mutually influenced one another. Museums played a key role more...

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Museum tomorrow

Collection / Collecting


There is a whole range of questions that we, as those responsible for museums, must ask ourselves today in order to ensure the existence of the museum tomorrow. more...

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