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Museums have always been an expression of their times. The interests and goals of the sponsors, the (self-)image of the institution in the eyes of those responsible, and the demands of the public are constantly adapting and changing in response to political developments, social debates, economic circumstances, or media upheavals.


This can be seen in several ways in the programme we have put together with our partners for 2017: With a focus on Vorarlberg and Vienna, Brussels or Washington, we want to examine how directors, curators, and educators, through their daily work, are constantly adjusting the relationship of their museums to the past and present world in order to continually provide a contemporary view of local or colonial history, the rural homeland or one’s own nation, Europe’s present and future, and ultimately, the history of the institution’s founding and development. With museum practice in mind, the aim is to show how, in the process, they bring in the outside world and what changes an institution focused on the haptic undergoes when, in addition to objects and traditional means of representation like maps or globes, it is suddenly possible to reproduce entire cities and landscapes digitally. Finally, within our “Museum tomorrow” series, we would like to raise the question of a contemporary language of the institution – when, for example, the objective is to get children and young people interested in museums.


As in previous years, we will try in our events to strike up a conversation between theory and practice and different types of museums. We look forward to you joining us with your questions, contributions, and critical comments.



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