Dear colleagues!


The Museumsakademie began the year with some staff changes and the drafting of a new programme that still aims to do one thing: to ask questions and keep a critical eye on the development of museums. This year we would once again like to bring together different views on theory and practice and create a space for many expert opinions on how museums should be done and perceived. One of our starting points will be dialogue as the form and approach of museum action.


For instance, we will examine the potential of cooperation in curatorial processes, and thus also about interpretation and decision-making in collective and collaborative work situations. We will discuss the challenge to dialogue posed by distributing the prerogative of interpretation in connection with issues of minorisation and representation and thus map out a field that constantly needs to be resurveyed in terms of its historicity and present status. We will ask how museums can initiate dialogues, and what happens when museums consistently open themselves up to their visitors and conduct empirical research on their experiences in and with the institution. We will tackle the question of the role museums can play in the context of urban discourses, especially on our excursion to Copenhagen.


Not only is the relation between human and museum constantly changing, the relation between museum and object is subject to shifting parameters that pave the way to another track in our programme. The abundance of things in our long present, which Simonetta Carbonaro once referred to as “zuvielisation,” or “too-much-civilisation,” presents museums with new challenges. Based on specific examples, we will discuss how current societal changes lead us to focus on new issues, and what concepts we want to develop to prepare museums for the future. We would be delighted if you choose to join in this dialogue with us and deal with museum-related tasks, objectives, and experiments; extend your network; meet with colleagues; and exchange experiences and ideas!


On behalf of the Museumsakademie 

Karoline Boehm, Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen & Eva Tropper



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