About us

Heads and employees of museums, freelance curators, designers and cultural mediators, collections staff, researchers and students of museum-related fields – they all want to act in accordance with the requirements of the museum: they are looking for answers to questions that must be continually posed and resolved again against the background of a dynamic, political, economic and social context. They want to know more about creative opportunities within the institution of the museum and for the medium of the exhibition and want to further develop existing concepts. They would like to meet colleagues, exchange ideas and experiences, and extend their networks in general or regarding specific projects.


We attempt to provide an opportunity for this in our workshops, conferences, and excursions and create a space for in-depth research with our library of museology. We would like to prepare a wide range of museum and exhibition topics as closely as possible to the needs and daily realities of the participants, to present promising projects, to be an open-minded and welcoming hub for the exchange of knowledge, and to inspire with practical exercises and experiments – always with the aim of contributing to the positive development of the museum and distinguishing it as a socially relevant place with very precise tasks and functions.


This aim calls for interdisciplinary thinking, acting within an international network, and collaborating with partners from European museums and universities, which make the combination of theoretical reflection and museum practice possible that is so important to us.

Museumsakademie Joanneum

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