Markus Schinwald and Oleg Soulimenko, guided artist tour as performance, October 2006, during the Protections group exhibition in Kunsthaus Graz, 2006, photo: N. Lackner/Universalmuseum Joanneum

Curating and Studying

Projects at the Intersection of Museums and Universities


We want to examine the role courses can play in the conception process of exhibitions and the different models of cooperation available for this. more...
Andrey Ustinov, Sturmglocke (Tocsin), KIT Düsseldorf, 2009, photo: Alwin Lay

Who’s Speaking?

Polyphony in the Museum


This workshop deals with the history and present of this field of practice including its specific inclusions and exclusions as well as the conditions for this development. more...

About us

Heads and employees of museums, freelance curators, designers and cultural mediators, collections more...

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