Bringing owls to Athens

Coins of ancient Greece


Opening: 10.05.2023 7pm

In cooperation with the Institute of Antiquity at the University of Graz and the Münzkabinett Winterthur.

Curated by: Margit Linder, Karl Peitler, Christian Schinzel, Wolfgang Spickermann, Marc Philipp Wahl

About the exhibition

The special exhibition Bringing Owls to Athens presents 280 coins of ancient Greece from the collections of the Coin Cabinets of the Universalmuseum Joanneum and the City of Winterthur as well as the Institute of Antiquities of the University of Graz.

The show provides a representative overview of the coinage of the ancient Greek world: coinage from the Greek motherland, Lower Italy, Sicily and Asia Minor are shown as well as coins of the Hellenistic kingdoms. In addition, a look is also taken at coins that did not belong to the actual Greek culture, but were closely related to it: Celtic, Punic, Achaemenid and Parthian coinage.

In addition to this panorama, which is intended to give visitors an understanding of the diversity and spread of the coinage of ancient Greece, various individual topics are dealt with: The arc spans from the rich imagery of Greek coins to "nominalities and weight standards" to "wages and prices" as well as "inflation", thus bringing a topic of high topicality into focus. A separate section is dedicated to the personality of the Graz-born collector, scholar and diplomat Anton Prokesch von Osten (1795-1876), who made donations to the three collections.


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