Human Condition. Empathy and Emancipation in Precarious Times

Exhibition catalogue

The catalogue offers a journey into human ethics where the structures of address, responsibility and moral agency are at stake. “Who are we?” asks Hannah Arendt in her Human Condition and refers to processes of thinking, willing and judging. “What are we made of?” asks Jeremy Rifkin while introducing Homo Empathicus, the main protagonist of his “new view of human nature.” “What counts as human? What allows us to encounter one another?” investigates Judith Butler.


This exhibition catalogue is the portrait of a precarious world of instability, where the frailty of human affairs is exposed. Between emancipation and despair, between communal desire and individualistic mentality, the exhibition Human Condition collects models of contemporary realities. It asks for a chance of hope and searches for possibilities of the heroic in an age of corrupted values.


With texts by Adam Budak, Sophie Loidolt, Hannah Arendt, Jeremy Rifkin, Judith Butler, and a foreword by Peter Pakesch.



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