Your name on the Kunsthaus BIX façade

A BIX project by Klaus Pröpster

28.01.-13.02.2019 17:00-23:59

A collaboration between FH Joanneum, Energie Graz and Kunsthaus Graz.

From January 28 until February 13, everyone had the chance to read their own name on the BIX façade. This was thanks to the winning project in the Kunsthaus BIX competition for FH Joanneum students, supported by Energie Graz. 

FH Joanneum goes BIX

During 2018, students on the Media and Interaction Design Master's course at the FH Joanneum worked with media artist Tristan Schulze to design interactive projects for the BIX façade. Their concepts were developed based on questions such as:



  • "What possibilities and functions does the light and media façade offer in urban space?"
  • "What range of options do we want from the media façade of a public building that exhibits contemporary art?"
  • "How are digital and 'real' communities connected today?"

At the end of the year, the jury chose Klaus Pröpster's concept "Your name on the BIX Kunsthaus façade" as the winner. From 28.1. to 13.2. everyone had the chance to read their own name on the BIX façade.

BIX (a word created by combining "big" and "pixel") is a light and media façade on the Kunsthaus Graz. It was designed by realities:united.

Since the Kunsthaus opened in 2003, artists and curators have used the BIX façade as a way of communicating and interacting with the urban surroundings and with passers-by. Following on from the Graz PULSiert project in May 2018, another ambitious project - this time with media designer Klaus Pröpster – was carried out jointly with Energie Graz. Interaction designer Florian Lackner was responsible for its design and technical realisation.


"Completely in line with our vision – 'Putting all our energy into a sustainable and liveable Graz!'

 - guaranteeing a reliable supply of energy to the people of Graz and also supporting regional institutions and artistic projects are both of particular importance to us. We offer our sincere congratulations to the winner Klaus Pröpster, and hope he enjoys his prize of a year's free natural energy, 100% regional and renewable!" Directors of Energie Graz, Boris Papousek and Werner Ressi.

The Jury Statement

"This project is clearly understandable. Despite its simplicity, it picks up on current themes such as defining one's identity and self-affirmation in an increasingly heterogeneous society. It explores the essential questions everybody asks themselves: 'How unique am I really?' We were particularly impressed by the way that its content linked in with the upcoming exhibition of work by Austrian-Chinese artist Jun Yangwhich opens on 14th February. This investigates individual and collective identity constructions. Here a special emphasis is placed on cooperation with others." The members of the jury were: Barbara Steiner/Katrin Bucher Trantow (Kunsthaus Graz), Daniel Fabry/Orhan Kipcak (FH Joanneum), Andreas Schnitzler (External Relations and Sponsoring, UMJ), Philipp Töscher (Energie Graz).


Want to see what's happening on the BIX façade right now?

>>  follow this link to the Livecam

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Want to see what's happening on the BIX façade right now?
>>  follow this link to the Livecam​​​​​​​