Monica Bonvicini. GUILT

On the occasion of the exhibition Faith Love Hope

11.04.-26.08.2018 19:00

The letter sequence "GUILT" is a statement, a reminder and a denunciation without a specific addressee. The term can be found in two different places: on the BIX media facade at nightfall and as a mirrored object in Space01 in the group show Faith Love Hope.

GUILT is a term with many associations that subjectively evokes thoughts of a prohibited or reprehensible act, and objectively of the violation of moral or legally prohibited limitations. It is pramount to conceptualise it in relation to society, since avowing oneself guilty challenges communal life and simultaneously calls for communication with others when it comes to remorse and forgiveness.

In the past decades, the term was detached from the ecclesiastical and theological context and moved towards the field of popular culture and psycho-coaching. "Guilt" is the title of several films, music albums and a US American television series. Confession, remorse and forgiveness are increasingly outsourced to talk shows and social media, and commercial service providers offer ways to free oneself from the feeling of guilt. A culture of guilt is most certainly also related to power since the creation of an exaggerated sense of guilt leads to power over people and their behaviour. This is where Bonvicini's interest begins: In her cross-media works, the artist repeatedly deals with power structures and examines the complex relations between physical and social space and the historic, political and economic imprints that influence these spaes.

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Faith Love Hope

Faith Love Hope

800 Years of the Graz-Seckau Diocese

13.04.-26.08.2018   >  Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition seeks out possible connections between temporal and secular zones, it explores forms of artistic engagement with images and values forged by Christianity. more...


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