Cerith Wyn Evans

The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here …


Curated by: Adam Budak

Cerith Wyn Evans' Kunsthaus Graz BIX façade version of The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here ... explores the surface tension qualities (like his installations): here, the biomorphic architecture provides yet another additional layer to Wyn Evans' carefully directed theatre of perception, a ghostly screen of dynamic light and reflection, a skin where a particular process of writing has been made possible.

The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here... enters urban space as both an imaginary projection and a real challenge for perceptive agencies. The software combines analysis and synthesis and focuses on our ability to perceive pattern and make connections, to see parts in relation to the whole. It shows patterns of optic flow, images created using mathematical expressions of the golden proportion and cellular automata. The program is similar to an instrument, which is performed live and recorded in real-time to produce the final animation.

DVD "The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here …"
At the occasion of this project, the DVD The Sky Is Thin As Paper Here... has been produced with the software and a soundtrack as well as with an essay by Martin Prinzhorn and a conversation with Cerith Wyn Evans by Adam Budak.
Available at Kunsthaus Graz Shop.

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24th/25th December 2023

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