Equilibrium 2


Jubilation. Yes we can!

The second part of the three-part Equilibrium project on the BIX media façade of the Kunsthaus Graz consists of quite a different kind of live growth - this time, it's not the biological growth of a plant spreading across the façade in positive-negative form but the waxing and waning of a festive shower of lights. As a personal interpretation of the positively infectious euphoria triggered off by the election results in the USA, artist group CTRL has come up with a work in the spirit of hope and change - aspirations that an uncertain world hungrily seeks to foster.

„This piece is an homage and celebration to the recent election of Barack Obama for President of the United States. The confetti like animation and large stripes reflect the joy felt on that day, not only in the US but throughout the world. It is the beginning of the end of the age of apathy and embarrassment, we Americans feel toward our country and national identity. It will not happen over night. It will not happen in four years, or eight even. It will take a generation, but we have at least taken the first steps toward unifying the nation in peace instead of war." (Nika Offenbac)

CTRL is a multidisciplinary design studio currently based in New York City with creative partners internationally. Founded in 2004 by Devan Simunovich and Nika Offenbac, the complementary collective is anchored in exploring the artists' sophisticated sensibilities of design, technology, and the moving image.

Equilibrium is composed of elements generated from standard digital animation techniques as well as generative (programmatically built) animation, using Maya, After Effects and Max/MSP+Jitter.

Oct 28-Nov 18, 2008: Volume 1

The BIX façade of the Kunsthaus Graz opens the fall season with a decorative approach, in which vine motif patterns grow organically across the surface of the façade. This look plays with the positive and negative space, waxing and waning, growth and decay. White vine structures leap to life in growth patterns until the whole display is filled white, only to be overgrown by inverted tendrils, slowly creeping over until the whole display is black. The screen cycles between extremes, echoing the large scale pattern of diametric opposites governing all aspects of human interaction.

28.10.2008-17.11.2008 (Volume 1)
18.11.2008-08.12.2008 (Volume 2)
09.12.2008-05.01.2009 (Volume 3)
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