Equilibrium 3


Volume 3

With Volume 3 of the project Equilibrium it seems as if the designers of CTRL are giving the finishing touches to the creation a full circle. The project with the topic of growth and decay that was commissioned for the exhibition Life? merges the different visual elements of moving organic forms that cover the façade of the Kunsthaus Graz since October 2008. The term Equilibrium stands for finding a balance or a state of oscillating equation or even optimisation. As a project this third volume leads to a kind of ever returning gesture of waves thereby finding a perfect metaphor for life itself.

“In this third instalment of the Equilibrium series we attempt to synthesize the extremes of the first two, culminating in a work that oscillates between states of chaos and states of calm. Again we use the interplay of positive and negative space created by organic leaf-like forms as they grow and decay along an ever undulating horizon.

Sometimes resembling a forested hillside, sometimes a branching vine, sometimes a swirl of falling leaves washing down a whirlpool. Ultimately the system always returns to a state of balance as found in the mathematical harmony of all things.” (CTRL, Dec 8, 2008)

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