KMKG (Martin Kern und Georg Kettele)


01.10.-31.10.2014 19:00-00:00


Intermediate was produced in 2007 in the context of the exhibtion Volksgarten. The Politics of Belonging.

1 kilometre 28 metres, 5 minutes 26 seconds, more than 100 buildings become 16,300 images. Images that never look alike. Always new moments, always different people make an endless collage. Scenarios of a day – image per image – are combined to a new whole. What connects each of them is the rigid movement of the tram. A ride along the boundaries of Lend and Gries as a part and as an observer of this urban structure, until you leave it to come back later.


KMKG (Martin Kern und Georg Kettele)
Cooperation since 2006

Martin Kern, born 1982 in Leibnitz (AT); 
Georg Kettele, born 1981 in Graz (AT); live in Graz (AT)

Joint Projects (Selection)

2007: ein Wintermärchen, Transmediale Berlin (DE); Signale, ESC Labor Graz (AT); Wireless Sense, Amsterdam (NL); Stadtgeflüster, Graz (AT); Ambient Orbs, Florenz (IT); Der neue ORF, Graz (AT); share07 , Berlin (DE)

2006: N'Files "space to react", Graz (AT) (with Christian Fröhlich, Romana Rust)

Single Projects by Martin Kern (Selection)

2007: Game, Set + Light, Graz (AT) (with Christian Fröhlich); CONDITIONING, Graz (AT); A+URL, Architekturmuseet Stockholm, Stockholm (SE) (with Ana Betancour, Alexis Dornier, Jesus Franch)

2003: oben:drüber, Graz (AT) (with Christian Fröhlich, Matthias Mitteregger, Ulrich Reiterer); Architektur Stage, steirischer herbst, Graz (AT) (with Matthias Mitteregger)

Single Projects by Georg Kettele (Selection)

2007: Brandbook, Berlin (DE); Ausstellungskuratorium, Hilton Hotel Budapest, Budapest (HU)

2006: Nike "Play-Award", Berlin (DE) (with Michael Lackner)

2005: eigenArtig, Feldbach (AT)

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