BIX Media façade

Opening at the Medienkunstlabor

29.05.2009 20:00

For the opening of the new project Series Pixel Tattoos that will transform the BIX media façade during the next few days the four participating artist will give a short introduction to their work:


Igor Stromajer and Brane Zorman will start the evening with a performance on their Guerilla project Ballettikka Internettikka.


Then Marko Batista, Neven Korda and Luka Princic will give a short introduction to their work commiting themselves to the ultra-fast Pecha Kucha format!


PIXEL TATTOOS / BIX Media façade
May 29 - June 3, 8.30 -11.30 pm


Pixel Tattoos is the new project for the BIX façade. It will transform Kunsthaus Graz at different times during the next year into a rhythmically pulsating tapestry of perceptual phenomena, piercing the urban space. Pixel Tattoos displays the interaction between the biomorphic architecture of the Kunsthaus and digital animations by four Slovenian media artists - Marko Batista, Igor Štromajer, Neven Korda and Luka Prinčič invited to the project by Kunsthaus Graz and the intermedia artist Janez Janša (Aksioma) - who have been asked to face the unusual technical parameters offered by this peculiar medium.
The "minimalistic" and "limited" structure of the Kunsthaus façade creates a challenging surface for artistic expression, imparting an unconventional visual-spatial experience: a ghostly screen of dynamic light and reflection, an outer membrane where a particular "process of writing" and "exploration of the surface tension qualities" transpires.
The result is a dialogue between the two elements, a "conversation" happening neither inside the building nor outside but exactly on its skin.


Igor Štromajer + Brane ZormanBallettikka Internettikka 2001-2009
Internet Ballet


Ballettikka Internettikka is a series of tactical art projects which began in 2001 with the exploration of Internet ballet. It explores wireless Internet ballet performances combined with guerrilla tactics and mobile live Internet broadcasting strategies.
Ballettikka Internettikka uses impossible connections to develop the possible strategies of resistance and disobedience. The project participates in the already existing protocols of communication, yet without being servile to these protocols, it opens up links between emotionality and technology, production and ethics, desire and organization, imagination and institution. The distribution of politics and intimacy without any reason and purpose, with the use of limited, defined and controlled protocols is a dystopia and an unsubmissive revolt to the world of capital, which can be disarmed only by the use of its own tactics.
Ballettikka Internettikka is a co-production of Intima Virtual Base and Cona 2001-2009, and Aksioma 2003.




Igor Štromajer is a multimedia artist and intimate mobile communicator. He researches tactical emotional states and intimate traumatic low-tech guerrilla strategies. He has exhibited his work at more than a hundred exhibitions in fifty countries and has received a number of awards. As guest-artist he lectures at universities and contemporary art institutes worldwide. His works are included in the permanent collections of numerous prestigious contemporary art institutions, museums and galleries. More:


Brane Zorman is a composer and sound manipulator. Between 1982 and 1986 he was front man of the Slovene punk group O!KULT. He is a pioneer of the Slovene techno scene. Since 1987 he has been composing music for Slovene and international theatre, dance and multimedia performances and projects, and has made guest appearances throughout Europe. Recently he works with Irena Pivka on a series of audio-visual installations ZONE.


Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art is a non-profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which is interested in projects that take advantage of new technologies in order to investigate and discuss the structures of (post)modern society. Aksioma concentrates on artistic production that explores social, political, aesthetic, and ethical concerns.


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