12.04.-05.05.2013 20:00-11:03

Commenting on different communication strategies between the public, the city and the Kunsthaus, a group of students of the international master in “Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching” (ADRIART) present their findings/experiments on participation for the BIX façade. Four interactive performance pieces transform the city surface by adding sensible discourses and refreshing the spatial relations with the urban context around the friendly alien.


making off: Public Space
Liberta Mišan . Michael Tasch . Sara Salamon
13.4. - 29.4.2013

The public is invited to activate the BIX façade by creating a human chain that connects two electrical contact points mounted in front of the Kunsthaus. The image incorporates on the one hand a self-organizing method for creating emotional and physical contact; and on the other hand, the complete communion between participants and museum. 
This simultaneity comments on the role of the author, transforming the collective experience into a visual response on public space.



Arnold Verderber . Lavoslava Bencic . Mark Bizilj 

Meandering around the city constantly involves unconscious actions. This work comments on the small mistakes that appear in this travelling through space, where some city artifacts appear to be used in ways different from how they were conceived. This public misuse runs parallel to the intrinsic mistakes in the city structure. The intervention focuses on a commonly mistaken activation of the acoustic signal guiding pedestrians over a crossing; each useless interaction with the device is translated into visualizations of another mistake: the “jumping pixel” on the BIX-façade.


City Voyeur
Polona Zupan
It seems that surveillance of all kinds and levels is continuously taking place around us. Voyeurism is one of the most important dynamics inside cities. This intervention ref lects on urban movements by using a playful device that invites the passer-by to interact with the idea of aerial observation. In the process of participating the user discovers that he/she is part of the immense mechanism of visual control.



Emina Kefelja . Marleen Leitner . Mia Vucemilovic

The river Mur f lows from Austria, passing through Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. The water that goes inexorably from city to city keeps a vibrating union alive. This intervention, on the benches of the Mur promenade in Graz, lets the user metaphorically interrupt the connection between countries, by collapsing with a minimal act, the subtle bridge that unfies the route.

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